Compassionate Inquiry

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Dive into a thorough exploration of Compassionate Inquiry, a powerful therapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté for healing trauma and understanding mental and physical illness.


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The next year-long program starts May 24, 2024

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The Approach

“The purpose of the Compassionate Inquiry is to drill down to the core stories people tell themselves – to get them to see what story they are telling themselves unconsciously; what those beliefs are, where they came from; and guide them to the possibility of letting go of those stories, or letting go of the hold those stories have on them …

That’s what Compassionate Inquiry is.”

~ Dr. Gabor Maté

The Content

This 330-hour accredited program includes over 30 hours of curated video teachings with Dr. Gabor Maté, and over 50 hours of Gabor demonstrating and modeling Compassionate Inquiry with clients, and a plethora of supplemental videos, transcripts, and downloadable materials.

In this online experiential year-long program, you have 27 biweekly group sessions lead by an experienced CI facilitator, at least fifty 60-90 minute practice sessions in dyads and triads, and regular monthly zoom calls with Dr. Gabor Maté, Sat Dharam Kaur and Facilitators to explore the material more deeply.

The Modules

The program is divided into eight modules that you will repeat in three levels. Topics include teachings on safety, attunement, trauma, triggers, attachment, authenticity, diagnosis, memory, beliefs, emotions, pain, addiction, children and more. A recommended reading list for each module.

You will participate in weekly skill-building sessions and bi-weekly facilitated group sessions to integrate the material. 

"This training is for people who work with people, whether you are a therapist, counsellor, addiction worker, family therapist, physician, nurse - and you work with people in a healing capacity. It is a summation and distillation of what I have learned over decades."

- Dr. Gabor Maté

What You Will Learn

  • Develop 11 essential qualities within yourself to become an effective therapist
  • Practice 9 experiential breathing exercises and meditations to enhance personal development
  • Benefit from practical tools including the Compassionate Inquiry Map and the chart of Feelings vs Perceptions
  • Learn how to maintain safety in the therapeutic container
  • Become more aware of the verbal and non-verbal cues of your clients
  • Learn the 7 Pillars of Compassionate Inquiry
  • Learn and practice the 22 skills required in Compassionate Inquiry
  • Discover and master the cycle of 17 Stepping Stones used in the line of inquiry
  • Become more effective in working with clients
  • Nurture compassion for all parts of yourself and others
  • Free yourself from unconscious beliefs that run your life
  • Connect to your in-the-present-self
  • Become more attuned to both the messages from your body, and to your clients

Apply for the Compassionate Inquiry
Professional Online Training

This is a one year commitment of 8+ hours weekly in self-inquiry, personal development, and professional skill-building, with peer group practice, support and assessment.

Please Note: There is a $50 non-refundable application fee. Full course fee is $3800 CDN.


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