Free Information Session Video


Thank you all for attending the Free Information Session on our Compassionate Inquiry programs. It was lovely to see so many people from different countries and backgrounds interested in Compassionate InquiryĀ programs. Together we can create a compassionate society.

We are grateful for the questions submitted in advance and for those of you who asked your questions live and shared your stories. Your questions supported others in hearing what they wanted to know.

The recording of the session can be viewed here and the Compassionate Inquiry presentation can be accessed here.


The video time stamps for each of the Compassionate Inquiry programs are given below:

What is compassionate inquiry: 00:02:46

Professional Online Training: 00:11:00

Self-Study Short Course: 00:33:55

CI Circles: Online Group Support: 00:39:49

CI Suicide Attention Training: 00:48:40

CI Facilitatorā€™s experience:: 00:53:12

Q&A: 01:05:20

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